Your data deserves better

How do you guarentee your system adminstrator hasn't changed anything?

How do you prove that you own your source code if you've never released it?

You have important files.

Digital files are easy to change. Too easy.

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Solution: Fingerprint your files

Our software runs on your system to fingerprint every file you ask it to, and stores the fingerprints offsite with our secure servers.

  • You can audit your files to detect changes by viruses, hackers or malicious employees
  • We can verify your records in court or to any third party

Even better, we can do this:

  • Without confidential information leaving your network - because the fingerprinting is one-way only.
  • Without making copies - essential for your document retention strategy.
IT Consultants looking to distinguish their offerings by making clients' systems 100% verifiable can become a reseller. (coming soon)
Content creators who publish online can use our free community edition. (coming soon)